Much has changed since my last post in March of 2012.  Dr. S and I are now married and we are in the process of creating our new home together, in a new town.  Though one of my daughters will finish high school in our former town, saying good-bye to it in spirit and beginning anew in a town a few stops closer to NYC, with a more vibrant downtown (including a hoppin’ Sunday morning farmers’ market) and no unpleasant memories, has been unexpectedly energizing.

That energy, combined with the encouragement and support of Dr. S and a few close friends, has me sitting here at my computer, returning to this blog as a writing practice.  I have so much to share with you – the ups and downs of a family vacation to France, Greta’s continuing development as a cook (though she asked me yesterday whether I would support her if she decided to adopt a vegan diet . . . ), several off-the-beaten-path eating adventures in Italy . . . so much to catching up to do!